Sales 2.0 Conf: In Search of Sales Excellence

In Search of Sales Excellence
Jon Vander Ark – Principal, McKinsey & Company

Great session on building a modern 2.0 Sales Organization.  4 things to remember:

  1. FIND GROWTH before your competitors
  2. SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS how they want to be engaged.  Don’t force the sales process on the buyer.
  3. Soup up your Sales Engine
  4. It’s all about you and your sales people

Jon’s advice included looking 10 quarters ahead – that’s 2.5 years – requires goal and execution planning.  Mine growth beneath the surface.  Get to know your customer, don’t just collect the easy sales.  Master multi-channel direct sales.  Engage your customers through email, phone, social media, direct mail, indirect marketing.  Innovate direct sales.  Invest in partners for mutual benefit.  Manage performance for growth.  Coaching is more effective to increase productivity and revenue.  Build the company sales DNA.  Hire the right talent.  [DWS personal observation:  hire talent to achieve greater success.  Often sales managers hire people they know with similar views, and those hires are less likely to bring innovative thought leadership to the organization.]  Growth starts at the top.

Additional information available at http://

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