10 Take Aways from Sales 2.0 Opening Keynote Address

The New Standards of Sales Success – 10 Take Aways from Sales 2.0 Opening Keynote Address
Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO and Founder Selling Power

The Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco kicked off in an informative way.  Gschwandtner  engaged with the audience, creating a participatory session.

  1. Document the sales process, everyone follows the same process
  2. Analyze your progress – many companies fail to accurately analyze progress toward goals
  3. Face Reality As It Is, not as you wish it was – Look at Kodak.
  4. Create a customer centric sales organization.  Become customer centric.  What do they want?
  5. Change before you have to.  Be proactive instead of reactionary.
  6. Shrink the “Don’t know what we don’t know” cycle
  7. Aim beyond profits.  What are the organization’s social contributions?
  8. Play creates ideas that pay
  9. Be an integrative leader
  10. Follow your true north – “Too may die without playing their music”

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